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Robidas Law is located in Portland, Maine, but represents clients throughout the state in criminal defense and family law matters, including child custody, child support, domestic violence, assault, protections from abuse/harassment, OUI/DUI and other misdemeanors and felonies. We are committed to providing exceptional legal counsel at what may be the most tumultuous moments in our clients’ lives.

Family Law

Emotional distress and financial uncertainty come with the territory in many family law matters. The law firm you choose to represent you should be your stronghold. Divorce is not the province of a fainthearted attorney. You need an exceptional communicator, a fighter and a sage.

Robidas Law seeks in practice to make intrinsically difficult transitions easier – to clarify the legal issues, explain your options, listen to your objectives, develop strategies to achieve your ends and pursue those ends with single-minded dedication.

“Amy is very professional and treats you like family. I was going through very tough times as I hired a different attorney prior and that was going nowhere but spending more money and causing conflict with my ex and myself. Once changing to Amy I felt much more secure she was the right choice. Any question or concerns were answered timely and direct. She went above and beyond what I could ever ask for. Amy isn’t the type to drag your case on to make more money off of you . She is looking to do what’s best for your family and come to an agreement that works for everyone. I am happy to say my divorce is over and my ex and myself are still friends which is important when children are involved. Even after my case was over she was still very helpful and answered every question I asked.”
– Jason, a divorce client

Criminal Defense

Attorney Amy Robidas represents clients in Maine’s state and federal courts in criminal charges ranging from traffic infractions to serious felonies, including assault, sex offenses, theft, drug charges, motor vehicle crimes, operating under the influence (OUI/DUI) and others.

Regardless of the charge, you need an attorney with trial experience, one who can help you navigate the criminal process and successfully resolve your case. Robidas Law has a solid record of success and is firmly committed to protecting our clients’ rights and liberties.

Protection From Abuse Orders

If domestic violence has touched your family, we can help. Robidas Law can help you obtain an order of protection called a protection from abuse (PFA) order or a protection from harassment (PFH) – to put legal measures in place to safeguard you and your family from harm.

Similarly, if domestic conflict results in a PFA being unfairly issued against you, you need to take action to protect your own rights. Take a PFA order seriously. Violation of an order, even unintentionally, can have criminal consequences.

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