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In the face of a contested divorce, child custody dispute or spousal support proceedings, the experience and guidance of Robidas Law attorney Amy Robidas can make a difficult process manageable. Although located in Portland, we serve clients in family law matters throughout the state of Maine with a focus on Cumberland and York counties.

Our goal through each stage of your divorce, parental rights or post-judgment case is to make sure you understand the legal issues that the matter poses, the options you have available, and first and foremost, to protect your rights and your interests. A divorce is a critical transition for many reasons, and we will see that you have a voice in the process and an outcome you can live with.

“Amy was honest and realistic throughout the process. I knew it was an uphill battle from the start and the opposing attorney had a ‘reputation.’ Yet she trudged along. She allowed me to speak my mind during mediation and this reaped benefits. If only other attorneys were as civilized as she is.”
– Andrew, a child support client

When you are considering a divorce, we can answer questions about your own situation face to face. Contact lawyer Amy Robidas at 207-838-0832 to schedule a consultation.

My Divorce Is Uncontested. How Does That Differ From A Contested Divorce?

Ideally, couples agree or come to an agreement on the issues central to a divorce (uncontested) by negotiating or in mediation, but when they cannot (contested), the matter is litigated, or argued, before a judge in a trial setting.

Who Decides Where My Children Will Live During And After My Divorce?

In a majority of cases, parents share parental rights and responsibilities. When parents can’t agree how to share care and custody of the children “at the kitchen table,” through negotiation or mediation, the court will make decisions regarding parental rights and responsibilities using the “best interests of the child” doctrine. The court can award one parent exclusive rights and responsibilities when the facts support this decision conclusively.

How Does A Judge Determine Child Support?

Child support is governed by guidelines issued by the state. The guidelines take into consideration each of the parents’ incomes or income-earning abilities, number of children and their ages. Costs for health insurance for the minor child, extraordinary medical expenses for the child and/or day care expenses are factors. There are numerous other considerations that may be relevant. It is unusual for a judge to deviate from the guidelines.

How Is Spousal Support (Or Alimony) Calculated?

The statutes addressing alimony, or spousal support, specify considerations, including ability to pay and length of the marriage. They also define alimony as transitional, general, reimbursement, nominal or interim. There is no formula such as that for child support. If you are seeking alimony, therefore, in a contested divorce, it is imperative to present a persuasive case before the judge.

Do I Need An Attorney For A Divorce?

You have the legal right to file for divorce “pro se” – that is, without counsel. When a divorce is complicated by questions of child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and complex property division, the value of an experienced family law attorney in a divorce is inestimable.

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