Portland Criminal Offenses

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You may understandably be feeling shock, distress or disbelief after being charged with a crime or arrested. If you’re confused by the legal language, concerned about what penalties you may face and unschooled in legal procedure, Robidas Law can help. We represent clients in Cumberland and York counties in Maine when they’ve been charged with a crime, from OUI to assault, domestic violence and other misdemeanors and felonies.

“She researched everything and, again, went above and beyond. If you want… the best possible outcome, then Amy Robidas is your person. Another thing that really stood out was she really cares about me. She knew I needed help. Amy was there to listen, to fight and to win.” – Christina, a criminal defense client

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Drunk Driving

By now, you’ve begun to realize that the consequences of OUI – otherwise known as DUI or DWI – can be quite serious. The penalties for even a first OUI can be extraordinarily harsh, however, in a criminal law case, the prosecution must first prove in a court of law that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The number of issues that can become an impediment to a prosecution is lengthy enough with a good OUI lawyer well worth your time.

A OUI conviction will result in substantial fees, fines and expenses. The loss of your driving privileges for a significant period of time will cost you more in lost wages or transportation. Some drivers feel compelled to take foolhardy risks like driving with a suspended license. That’s another crime.

Intangible losses include injury to your reputation, professional standing, job prospects and public embarrassment.

A strong defense is your best shot at mitigating the damage already done. Representation by a qualified DUI attorney offers you a good chance to resolve your case in a favorable disposition – a dismissal, an acquittal – or to negotiate for a lesser charge.

Portland Criminal Offenses: Assault And Domestic Violence Assault

Any number of conflict situations can escalate unpredictably into assault charges. Events often unfold rapidly and people sometimes do things completely out of character. You have committed assault when you have “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly” caused bodily injury or “offensive physical contact” to another person.

Assault is charged most often as a class D misdemeanor. Prior convictions, injuries, use of a weapon and other factors can increase the crime to a felony or an aggravated assault.

If you have been charged with domestic violence assault, you should know that the penalties differ from a simple assault. Domestic violence charges may prohibit the accused from returning home, from seeing his or her children, from any contact whatsoever with the victim and other sanctions.

Don’t Forfeit Your Rights Or Risk Your Liberty

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